Which Is the Best Choice for House? – Gas or Wood Burning Fireplaces

There are two popular types of fireplaces available in the market: wood burning fireplaces or natural gas fireplace. Depending on the appearance, maintenance, cost, environmental responsibility and convenience, you can make an effective decision.

Wooden fireplace

Occasional fireworks along with crackling sounds and smell of burning wood add a nostalgic touch to the ambiance of the dwelling. Kent is a place where the use of fireplaces is quite common in residential places.

Stoves in Kent that use wood fireplace require wood for its operation. You do not need to go to forests to get it. Nowadays wood is easily available in the grocery stores. There are suppliers from where you can buy wood in bulk.

modern fireplace

Things to consider when buying wood

Not every type of wood will give you the best experience of the fireplace. Different types of woods such as hardwoods and softwoods have varying burning properties.

Natural Gas Fireplaces

These fireplaces are built on the latest heat-efficient technology. Natural gas fireplaces provide maintenance and installation benefits over wood fireplaces. Also, no mess is created from ash, soot, coal-raking, or creosote after its operation.

When using natural gas fireplace, one is saved from the hassles of collecting, kindling and building a fire. All you need is to push a switch and you will get instantaneous flame. This offers total convenience. Natural gas is comparatively cheaper than wood that makes it light on your pocket too.


Comparing both the fireplaces on their pros and cons and how do they meet your house requirements would surely help you make the right decision. If you want to know more, go here.

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